Factory for digital management of Internet of Things technology

Intelligent Factory

The total investment of Intelligent Factory is 100 million US dollars. The factory covers an area of 78,000 m², and the yearly output value can up to 800 million US dollars. By taking industry 4.0 as the design concept, it is the most high-end kitchen appliances factory.

Five sentences know about intelligent factory:

Factory Orientation

In order to provide a higher level of integral kitchen appliances solutions, DE&E spent 100 million US dollars to build a leading factory covering an area of 78,000 ㎡ in 2014.

Factory Standards

With the idea of Industry 4.0 and combining IOT technology ,the factory successfully implemented intelligent operation during the whole process from product designing, procurement, manufacturing to warehousing logistics.

Operating principle

Based on detect, storage and other hardware equipments, and the use of MES, ERP, SCM and other information systems, DE&E intelligent factory has achieved informatization, transparency and timeliness in product planning, scheduling, production and inspection.

Quality control

Owing to intelligent management, DE&E intelligent factory is able to control the whole procedure process including production, raw material and after-sales service.

Difference from traditional assignments

Compared with traditional factories, DE&E intelligent factory shortens 30% of the new product development period, labor volume reduced by 20% while efficiency increased by 30% and productivity increased by 300%.