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You can find some Frequently Asked Questions here.
Q:How to install the sterilizer correctly

A:1、The appliance must be installed by a qualified professional according to the instructions provided. Incorrect installation may cause harm to people and animals or may damage property.
2、The appliance must be installed to an adequate circuit with complete installation.
3、Socket needs to be within 1.2m in radius from the wire interface with rated current above 10A.
4、An effective earthling system should be guaranteed continuous and complete; it's prohibited to attach the earth wire to any pipe, phone wire or lightning arrester which may cause serious consequence.
5、Use separate socket for this appliance only, Install the socket into a power leakage protection circuit to enhance the safety.
6、This is not a bearing table

Q:How to use


1、Open or close the drawer in a clinic direction, do not push too hard
2、Place dishware upright after wash and drain, keep a certain distance between dishes to ensure the disinfection circulation. Keep the dishes away from the vent to get a better drying effect.
3、Setting:Connect to the electricity supply after been fully installed: make sure the drawer keep closed when working. There would be a prompting sound with a ’Di’ once the connection is done.

Q:What should you pay attention to when using?

A:1、Actions non compliance with these waning and safety Instructions will be dangerous to the user.
2、Only use genuine original spare parts and accessories with this appliance.
3、Do not use alternating current other than 185v-245v, otherwise the appliance could be damaged. Consult a qualified electrician if in any doubt.
4、Do not open or try to fix the appliance other than a qualified electrician.
5、Do not spray waters or liquid to the appliance when working, otherwise may cause a dangerous electric shock or short circuit.
6、Do not use this appliance to lacquerware, heat-sensitive plasticware, or things other than tableware.
7、It's recommended that the tableware should be emptied before put into the appliance.
8、It's recommended that one should open the drawer after 20 minutes after the operation finished avoiding any leak or burn.
9、The appliance would be automatically stopped running once the drawer forced to open to prevent any burn.
10、Do not force to open the drawer when it's under function.

Q:How to keep the sterilizer clean?


Please stop the entire program and unplug the appliance, wait till the machine coo down before the clear and maintain procedure.

1、Using a soft cloth with neutral detergent to clean the drawer, dish racks and bladder if needed, make sure to wipe the detergent with wet cloth then buff dry with a clean one.
2、Empty the water plate regularly to avoid any overflow.
3、Gas, alcohol, or solvent is prohibited for cleaning, it‘ll cause crack and discoloration of painted film.