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You can find some Frequently Asked Questions here.
Q:How to correct use the microwave oven


1、The appliance is intended for domestic use only: to cook, defrost, and reheat and to grill food. Any other usage is not supported by the manufacturer and could be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage caused by improper or incorrect use of the appliance.

2、Never use the microwave to store or dry items which could ignite easily Moisture evaporates. Fire hazard. This appliance is not a toy! To avoid the risk of injury, do not allow children to play on or near it or to play with the controls.

Supervise its use by older children, the elderly or infirm. If allowing older children to use the appliance without supervision please ensure that they are aware of how a microwave oven works and understand the dangers of improper use.

Q:Disposal of your old appliance

A:Before disposing of your old appliance, first make it unusable. Disconnect it from the mains, cut off the cable near the appliance and cut off and render any plug unusable. This should be done by a com-patent person.

Q:The manufacturer will not be responsible for the damage caused by the following operation

A:1、The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these Warning and Safety instructions. Operating the appliance with this type of damage will result in microwave leakage and present a hazard to the user.
2、Never open the casing of the appliance Tampering with electrical connections or components and mechanical parts is highly dangerous and can cause operational faults or electric shock.
3、Before connecting the appliance to the mains supply, make sure that the rating on the data plate corresponds to the voltage and frequency of the household supply. This data must correspond in order to avoid risk of damage to the appliance. Consult a qualified electrician if in any doubt.
4、Do not connect the appliance to the mains electricity supply by an extension lead. Extension leads do not guarantee the required safety of the appliance (e.g. danger of overheating)

Q:Always ensure that this type of procedure is supervised

A:1、Do not uses the microwave function to heat up cushions or pads filled with cherry kernels wheat grains, lavender or gel, such as those used in aromatherapy. These pads can ignite when heated, even after they have been removed from the microwave.
2、Exercise caution when cooking or reheating food with a high sugar content, e.g. Christmas adding. If heated for too long, the sugar may caramelize or ignite.
3、Do not use full power to warm empty dishes.
4、Do not use the appliance without food, or if it is incorrectly loaded.
-Never cook or reheat food or liquids in sealed containers, jars or bottles. With baby bottles, the screw top and teat must be removed.

Q:When using browning dishes, you need to pay attentions as followings

A:1、Always use oven gloves when handling the browning dish to avoid burns.
2、Never place the browning dish directly onto a table or work surface. Use a suitable heat. Resistant mat, grid or board to protect the work surface or table and prevent heat marks.
3、Browning dishes should only be used in a microwave oven, or as a serving dish. In a conventional oven the special glaze would suffer damage.

Q:What if the heating period is too long?

A:1、Check the surface of the evaporation pan. If there is a thick layer of scale, clean the pan with scale.
2、The door seal may be damaged and the steamer door may leak.

Q:What is the reason for not producing heat if the steamer is started?


1、Please check if the steamer door is closed.

2、Whether the tank has water and is in place.

3、The steamer door switch may be damaged.

Q:What is the reason if the steamer fails to start?

A:1、The circuit board fuse blows, causing the board to be de-energized.
2、Turn on the power again and turn on the steamer.

Q:What are the differences for steam oven with preheated or non preheated food?

A:Choose according to your own tastes and preferences to decide whether to put in the dishes after preheating. Dishes cooked usually have good taste after being preheated by steam oven. The color is bright and the moisture is just right, while non preheating dishes are relatively ripe, with more moisture and deeper color.

Q:About the Electrical safety

A:1、This appliance must be only connected by a steered electrician.
2、In the event of a fault or damage to the appliance: Take the fuses out or switch off.
3、Repairs to the appliance must only be carried out by qualified service engineers. Considerable danger may result from improper repairs. If repairs become necessary, please contact our Customer Services or your dealer.

Q:About the Child Safety

A:Never leave children unsupervised when the appliance is in use.

Q:For Safety whilst Using

A:1、People (including children) who, because of their physical, sensory or mental capabilities or their inexperience or ignorance are not able to use the device safely should not use this dev-ice without supervision or instruction by a responsible person.
2、This appliance is intended to be used for cooking roasting and baking food in the home.
3、Take care when connecting electric appliances to sockets nearby. Do not allow connecting ads to come into contact with or to catch beneath the hot oven door.
4、Warning: Risk of burns! The interior of the oven becomes hot during use.

Q:How to avoid damage to the appliance

A:1、Do not line the oven with aluminum foil and do not place baking trays, pots, etc. on the oven floor, as the heat that builds up will damage the oven enamel.
2、Fruit juices dripping from the baking tray will leave stains, which you will not be able to remove.
3、For very moist cakes, use a deep tray.
4、Do not put any strain on the oven door when open.
5、Never pour water directly into the oven when it is hot. This could cause damage to or discoloration of the enamel.
6、Rough handling, especially around the edges of the front panel, can cause the glass to break.
7、Do not store any flammable materials inside the oven. These could ignite when the oven is switched on.
8、Do not store any moist foods inside the oven. This could damage the oven enamel.
9、After switching off the codling fan, do not keep uncovered dishes in the oven. Moisture may condense in the oven interior or on the glass doors and may get into the units.

Q:How to install the sterilizer correctly

A:1、The appliance must be installed by a qualified professional according to the instructions provided. Incorrect installation may cause harm to people and animals or may damage property.
2、The appliance must be installed to an adequate circuit with complete installation.
3、Socket needs to be within 1.2m in radius from the wire interface with rated current above 10A.
4、An effective earthling system should be guaranteed continuous and complete; it's prohibited to attach the earth wire to any pipe, phone wire or lightning arrester which may cause serious consequence.
5、Use separate socket for this appliance only, Install the socket into a power leakage protection circuit to enhance the safety.
6、This is not a bearing table

Q:How to use


1、Open or close the drawer in a clinic direction, do not push too hard
2、Place dishware upright after wash and drain, keep a certain distance between dishes to ensure the disinfection circulation. Keep the dishes away from the vent to get a better drying effect.
3、Setting:Connect to the electricity supply after been fully installed: make sure the drawer keep closed when working. There would be a prompting sound with a ’Di’ once the connection is done.

Q:What should you pay attention to when using?

A:1、Actions non compliance with these waning and safety Instructions will be dangerous to the user.
2、Only use genuine original spare parts and accessories with this appliance.
3、Do not use alternating current other than 185v-245v, otherwise the appliance could be damaged. Consult a qualified electrician if in any doubt.
4、Do not open or try to fix the appliance other than a qualified electrician.
5、Do not spray waters or liquid to the appliance when working, otherwise may cause a dangerous electric shock or short circuit.
6、Do not use this appliance to lacquerware, heat-sensitive plasticware, or things other than tableware.
7、It's recommended that the tableware should be emptied before put into the appliance.
8、It's recommended that one should open the drawer after 20 minutes after the operation finished avoiding any leak or burn.
9、The appliance would be automatically stopped running once the drawer forced to open to prevent any burn.
10、Do not force to open the drawer when it's under function.

Q:How to keep the sterilizer clean?


Please stop the entire program and unplug the appliance, wait till the machine coo down before the clear and maintain procedure.

1、Using a soft cloth with neutral detergent to clean the drawer, dish racks and bladder if needed, make sure to wipe the detergent with wet cloth then buff dry with a clean one.
2、Empty the water plate regularly to avoid any overflow.
3、Gas, alcohol, or solvent is prohibited for cleaning, it‘ll cause crack and discoloration of painted film.

Q:Motor and light does not operate

A:1、Check the plug and insert completely.
2、Change the bulbs.
3、Contact the distributor for service.
4、Contact the distributor for service.

Q:Motor cannot operate but the lights are working

A:1、Contact the distributor for service.
2、Contact or replace the capacitor.
3、Contact the distributor for service.

Q:The appliance vibrates or shakes while in operation

A:1、Install the appliance with a solid and steady wall.
2、Fasten the motor tightly with the body.
3、Contact the distributor for service.

Q:Only one or two buttons can function while others are not working

A:1、Contact the distributor for service.
2、Re‐connect any loose wires into the control board.

Q:Weak Suction

A:1、Lower the appliance's installation.
2、Remove the blockage inside the duct.
3、Do not open too many windows during cooking to improve the environment for suction.
4、Clean or replace the filters.

Q:Oil Leakage

A:Install the appliance in balance level.

Q:Three minutes after turn on power, the heat circle is still not red

A:1、Connect power plug.
2、Call after‐sales service.

Q:Three minutes after turn on power, the heat circle is still not red

A:1、Connect power plug.
2、Call after‐sales service.

Q:Heat circle works intermittently

A:Normal phenomenon

Q:Heat indicator light is off, while ceramic glass surface is very hot

A:Call after‐sales service.

Q:Heat time lengthens

A:Change cookware.

Q:Ignitor doesn

A:1、Connect power.
2、Replace High‐voltage wire.
3、Replace High‐voltage wire.
4、Replace pulse ignitor.
5、Replace or adjust Micro switch.
6、Install the battery properly.
7、Adjust to 5‐6mm distance.
8、Turn on gas supply.

Q:Flame Failure Device open valve time lengthens

A:1、Adjust throttle position.
2、Adjust thermocouple.
3、Replace Flame Failure Device.


A:1、Adjust burner cap.
2、Replace Burner or adjust Throttle.
3、Adjust burner cap.
4、Adjust throttle.
5、Adjust burner cap.
6、Adjust throttle.

Q:Range Hood FAQ




Motor and light 

does not 


Power plug is not insert completely

Check the plug and insert completely

The light bulbs are blown

Change the bulbs

The wire and/or the cable disconnected

Contact the distributor for service

The light's transformer is damaged

Contact the distributor for service

Motor cannot 

operate but the 

lights are working

The impeller are stopped

Contact the distributor for service

The capacitor is disconnected and/or damagedConnect or replace the capacitor

The motor is damaged

Contact the distributor for service

The appliance 

vibrates or 

shakes while in 


Installation of the appliance is not 

steady or the hanging wall is not solid

Install the appliance with a solid and steady wall

The motor is not fixed tightly

Fasten the motor tightly with the body

The damaged impeller break the balance

Contact the distributor for service

Only one or two 

buttons can 

function while 

others are not 


The control panel is not in order

Contact the distributor for service

Connection with the control board is looseRe-connect any loose wires into the 

control board

Weak Suction

The appliance is installed too high 

from the cooking hob

Lower the appliance's installation
There are blockage in the exhaust 


Remove the blockage inside the duct
Air convection is too strong around the applianceDo not open too many windows during cooking to improve the environment for suction
The mesh filters or charcoal are dirty or cloggedClean or replace the filters
OiI LeakageThe appliance is not installed in balance level

Install the appliance in balance level




Three minutes after 

turn on power, the 

heat circle is still 

not red

1Power plug is offConnect power plug
2Internal connection is brokenCall after-sales service

Heat circle works 



It is on auto temperature control or the temperature is on highest protectio

Normal phenomenon
Heat indicator light 

is off, while ceramic 

glass surface is very 


1Heat indicator light is brokenCall after-sales service
2Internal connection is broken

Heat time lengthens

1Cookware bottom concavity is too big

Change cookware


Cookware bottom area is too big

 Ignitor doesn't 


1Power is off connection

Connect power

2High-voltage wire leakage

Replace High-voltage wire

3Ignition porcelain head leakageReplace High-voltage wire
4Pulse ignitor is broken

Replace pulse ignitor

5Micro switch coonection is not good

Replace or adjust Micro switch

6Battery installation is not goodInstall the battery properly
7 Distance between Ignition porcelain head and Burner cap is improper

Adjust to 5-6mm distance

8Gas supply is off 

Turn on gas supply

Flame Failure 

Device_ open 

valve time 


1*Throttle position is improperAdjust throttle position
2Thermocouple position is improper

Adjust thermocouple

3Flame Failure Device doesnt workReplace Flame Failure Device
Backfire1Burner cap position is improperAdjust burner cap
2*Burner leakage or Throttle opens too wideReplace Burner or adjust Throttle
3Burner cap is up side downAdjust burner cap
Flameout1*Throttle opens too wideAdjust throttle

Big noise

1Burner cap position is improperAdjust burner cap
2*Throttle opens too wide

Adjust throttle